3 Families, 8 Weights, 48 Styles


Sprig is a contemporary serif type family with round, friendly details. Inspired by early versions of Cheltenham by Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, Sprig began as a revival but over time grew away from its roots and into a more modern, geometric typeface. The type retains iconic details from Goodhue’s Cheltenham like the open counter g and round teardrop terminals, but has updated proportions to increase legibility and usability. A wide number of OpenType features provide access to special characters like swash caps, ligatures, and alternate glyphs.

Cheltenham was the world’s first full-fledged large type family, and Sprig follows in its footsteps. Drawn digitally with a rigorous attention to every detail, the type shines in all sizes and the wide range of weights allow for a wide breadth of expression without leaving the family.

The Sprig collection also includes Sprig Sans, a friendly geometric grotesk typeface, with matching proportions and weights to its serif counterpart. Sprig Sans retains the most striking features of Sprig and has matching weights and letterform proportions. The result is a grotesk sans-serif that has the flexibility of a classic workhorse sans (she can do it all), with characters and details that feel unique and inspired. Because the sans and the serif were drawn together, they pair harmoniously in any configuration.


Design: Sabrina Nacmias
Engineering: Sabrina Nacmias
Release: January 2023


Sprig Sans

Sprig Sans Mono