Custom Type

In addition to our retail catalog of typefaces, we also work with brands and agencies to create custom typefaces and logotypes. With years of experience as branding designers, we understand the power that custom typography and bespoke logotypes can give to a brand.

We’re comfortable iterating with you from concept stage, or jumping in later on a project to help take it to the finish line.

Get in touch with us to discuss your project.

Custom Logotypes
Drawing logos is one of our favorite things to do. We would be happy to work with you to craft the perfect logotype to represent your brand. A logotype is both a name and a brand’s visual representation, and getting it right is a crucial step for a successful brand.
Custom Typeface Creation
At its core, fonts are visualizing language for us. How a brand choses to visualize its messaging can shape how their message is received, making the expression as important as the message. Crafting a custom typeface allows you to be in control of all aspects of your brand, and is a great option for adding personalization to your visual identity.
Modification of our Typefaces
We’re happy to work with you to customize any of your typefaces to work better with your brand identity. Contact us to learn more about the process.
Language Support Extensions
If you need additional language support for any of our typefaces, we provide custom language extensions. Contact us to learn more.
Creative Direction for Typography
As seasoned brand designers and diligent type designers, we have a unique skillset for creating a perfect typographical system. We can help with selecting and perfecting font pairings, as well as helping shape the brief and concept for custom, bespoke typography.