2 Families, 8 Weights, 24 Styles


Luma is a contemporary typeface family with organic round serifs and unexpected details. An exercise in juxtaposition, Luma was born from the idea of transforming the sharp and mechanic shapes of a monospaced typeface into something more organic and unexpected. Eventually the once-monospace typeface morphed into the proportional typeface you see here, with the organic serifs remaining.

The Luma family features a weight axis and custom contrast axis that controls the size of the serifs and the weight of the stems. On the low end of the contrast axis sits Luma Standard, a typeface with modest amount of contrast and traditional letterform proportions, making it suitable for everything from large headlines to body copy. On the other end of that contrast axis is Luma Reverse, a reverse contrast display typeface made for big statements. The Luma variable font allows you to effortlessly move between Luma Standard and Luma Reverse and all the weights from Regular to Black.


Design: Maxime Gau, Sabrina Nacmias
Engineering: Sabrina Nacmias
Release: January 2023 (Luma, Luma Reverse), January 2024 (Luma Sans)

Luma Sans