7 Weights, 14 Styles


Octave is a revival of an elzevir-style typeface originally designed by Théophile Beaudoire. French Elzevir types, also known as French Old Style types, started in 1846 with Louis Perrin’s cut of the Lyons capitals, a roman titling font. A few years later in 1858, Théophile Beaudoire, sous-directeur of the Fonderie Générale in Paris, transformed the idea of the Lyons capitals into a complete Oldstyle typeface (his Elzévir, named after the Dutch Renaissance printers Elsevier) to enormous success. Elzevirs, or French Oldstyle typefaces were subsquently widely reproduced by type foundries all over the world.

Our revival is based on a cut of Beaudoire’s Elzevir used in a book titled, Histoire de La Musique en Russie by Albert Soubies 1898, and remains fairly faithful to the source material with optical adjustments and improvements made during the digital drawing process. The typeface features a translation-style contrast, meaning the thicks and thins of the letters are largely decided by how a calligraphic broad-nibbed pen would create those letters. Small serifs and heavy-feeling bowls in letterforms give the typeface a cool elegance.


Design: Maxime Gau
Engineering: Sabrina Nacmias
Release: January 2023 (Octave), April 2024 (Octave Display)