Visual identity design for Verdi

Design by Faire Projects
The visual identity for Verdi, a family-owned legal dispensary in Chelsea, NYC, was inspired by iconic establishments like Katz Deli, Barney Greengrass, Glasers Bake Shop, and Russ and Daughters. Our goal with the identity was to have Verdi embody a sense of belonging and comfort, reminiscent of these beloved institutions.

Verdi is dedicated to providing its local community with friendly service and affordable products. To bring these values to life visually, a custom wordmark logo was created, echoing the feeling of vintage storefronts. The logo features bold, condensed type with a playful twist—the foot of the letter “R” adds a touch of whimsy, reflecting the unique personality of the dispensary.

The brand colors are inspired by the natural hues of the flower sold at Verdi, complemented by classic black and beige tones. This minimal palette creates a sense of calm and authenticity, inviting customers into a space that feels both modern and timeless. The dark green which is the hero color of the brand, is also reminiscent of the classic green color used all over the NYC subway system, creating another subtle nod to NYC heritage.

To further enhance the brand’s character, Sprig Sans Mono was selected as the primary typeface, predominantly in all caps. This monospaced font adds a playful yet readable texture to communications, embodying the spirit of Verdi—distinctive, approachable, and rooted in tradition.

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