Custom logotypes and typefaces can elevate a brand identity and help reinforce brand recognizability & awareness.

We work directly with brands on brand identity projects and other type-related projects. We also partner with designers & design agencies to provide the technical expertise needed to create beautiful letterforms for them and their clients.  

Custom Logos

Logotypes and logomarks are the most recognizable, defining aspect of a brand’s identity. Logos communicate who a brand is and a suggestion of what they do. In addition to understanding how to create something unique, and that communicates a feeling, logos require a number of technical considerations that require expertise: How do we create something with personality and that is extremely legible? How does the logo work small? Big? Printed? On screens? In three dimensions? We can help make sure your logo looks great in every scenario it will find itself during its long and happy life.

Custom display typefaces

Display typography is the marriage of strong visuals with a message. It works hard to grab attention and communicate concepts, feelings and ideas. In physical space, printed or on screen, display type can help your message feel consistent and cohesive with the rest of your visual identity, and most importantly of all — make people want to read what you have to say! Custom display typography does all of the above, with the added bonus that it will be unique to your brand, campaign, event, or message.

Custom text typefaces & families

Custom text typefaces allow for the most precision and control of content. Like the ticking of a clock, text typefaces should be constructed so that the letterforms read with a steady and comfortable (but not distracting) rhythm. However, text typefaces should not be boring! They can have energy, personality, and be very unique while maintaining legibility. A lot of the same considerations that go into display typefaces apply to text typefaces, but in text typefaces the application of details needs to be more subtle. That’s why often, typeface families are built.

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